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By making a tax deductible donation before June 30, you are helping us continue to provide aero medical evacuations and transfers, and offer a range of primary health care services to those who live, work and travel across Western Australia.

Help us meet our goal of ${{{tax.goal}}}!​​​​​​​

Last year, we provided emergency aero medical care to 8,535 patients across Western Australia. 

Additionally we provided primary health and dental clinics to the many regional communities of our State.  Last year supporting 14,977 patients in the Kimberley, Great Southern, Goldfields, Midwest, Pilbara and Wheatbelt regions.

Please give generously and help us close the gap between funding levels and the demand for our service.

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can provide 20 hours of in-flight pain relief


can provide 20 child and adult oxygen masks


can provide anaesthetic drugs for one patient