​​​​​​​In the past year the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Western Australia has aeromedically retrieved more than 10,000 patients from across our State. Retrieving 1,000 more patients than our record-breaking year in 2020.

The Flying Doctor also treated more than 15,000 patients at our remote primary health care clinics, commenced remote vaccinations to protect vulnerable communities against COVID-19 and transported more than 130 suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients.

This would not have been possible without your ongoing support and the dedication of the RFDS team.   

Your support helps us be there for patients when they need us most. Whether it’s a shark attack or a new baby entering the world we are committed to finding innovative ways to improve health equity across WA.

Thanks to you, we will remain your Flying Doctor always. ​​​​​​​

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$25 will purchase emergency medication

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$50 helps care for little ones in-flight

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$75 helps us maintain our aircraft so we can be there for those who need us most

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