The Royal Flying Doctor Service has always stepped up when we’re needed the most.  The last few months are no exception and we have invested in being response ready to the challenges of our times to provide you with the finest care wherever you need us across WA.

We have heightened our protocols, training and infection control and been on the COVID-19 frontline while still responding to critical lifesaving emergencies and delivering vital healthcare to the most remote communities. 

Our 24/7 service has been needed more than ever before!

Your donation today will be an important investment in our future and ensure we keep flying to where we are needed the most:

FRONTLINE SERVICE:  Helping our doctors, nurses and pilots deliver vital primary healthcare and lifesaving emergency treatment across the largest health jurisdiction in WA.

CRITICAL CAPITAL: Ensuring we have response ready, sustainable and robust capital to serve the regional communities of Western Australia during unprecedented times and beyond.

OPERATIONAL NEEDS: Investing in the tools and systems for the long term recovery effort in WA and as we embark on a ‘new business as usual’.

We’re all in this together … and we are grateful that you’re in this with us!


Thank you for your donation
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